Friday, October 30, 2009

Asian Twist (Retiro)

Today, my beloved brought me to Asian Twist, a casual restaurant at the corner of Retiro and Speaker Perez streets. Its dishes comprise of fusions of different Asian cooking styles, from Korean, Japanese, Chinese, to Filipino, hence, their sub-name "Fusion Restaurant".

First and foremost, I must say that I do not fancy Korean food. Korean, for me, basically means one of two things: sweet, sesame-flavored barbecued meat; and hot, spicy, fermented kimchi. I despise the latter specialty.

Now, I was pretty much aware that when Korean is listed in a menu, it usually has something to do with kimchi. However, seeing as the entire menu either had Korean or "hot and spicy" in its description, and since I was craving a bit of fatty pork, I decided to try out their "Bibimbap Bagnet" (175 Php). Beloved ordered her usual in this resto, the "Creamy Seafood Bibimbap" (175 Php), pictured below.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Tender Bob's (SM North EDSA)

After scouring both Trinoma and SM North EDSA for a place to eat, we settled down to Tender Bob's at The Block. I'm quite a steak lover, and likes my steak bloody and not burnt. You can't really have steak in our country the way I like it without worrying for microbes and the quality of meat. I would only dare have my steaks rare in this kind of restaurant, and so we did.

We ordered US Angus beef rib-eye steak, 5oz each... about 1/3 pounds. I had mine medium rare with baked potato wedges, and beloved's medium well with mashed potatoes. It was only a short wait before our orders were served.

The outside was colored golden brown, and not burnt. It was obvious to me that the meat was grilled plain, maybe only salt and pepper applied to it. The next thing I did was checked the inside of my steak. Since it was pretty thin, it was almost cooked through. There was some pinkness left, but still enough to put a smile in my face.

Red Mango (Trinoma)

First and foremost, I apologize for the quality of the pictures on this post. Might as well apologize for the entire site, as we do not really have a high-quality camera and only use our mobile phones to capture images. I hope my wordy reviews make up for it.

Anyway, just this Sunday, we went to Red Mango at Trinoma. There's always a long line to this walkway store and most feedback we get from it is positive. Bearing the long line, we decided to try it out. Beloved ordered a small plain yogurt (80 Php) with blueberry toppings. Even though it's labeled small, the serving is quite generous.