Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Seattle's Best Coffee (Trinoma)

Today, I bought my copy of Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty in Trinoma. But that's not what this post is about. After going there, we had coffee at Seattle's Best Coffee. Because I spent almost all my money on the said game, we decided to just have one last nomnom adventure for the month for the heck of it. So, I guess because of Starcraft II, this will probably be the last post for the month, and maybe the last post for quite a while.

Anyway, Seattle's Best Coffee is known for—you guessed it—its coffee. This is beloved's favorite coffee shop, and this is often compared or at least considered an alternative to the more popular Starbucks. Beloved is a coffee aficionado unlike me, and I can't really tell any major difference on the taste, quality, and texture of the coffee of most coffee shops—even their prices are similar. Beloved says that SBC's mocha is smoother, which is why she prefers it here. Personally, I prefer Starbucks for a different reason. We ordered our usuals: a Large Mocha (135 Php) for beloved and a Large White Chocolate Mocha (150 Php) for me, both hot. We also ordered their Belgian Honey Waffle (75 Php) because I haven't had anything to eat yet.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Yoh-gürt Froz (Tomas Morato)

After dinner, beloved and I went to Yoh-gürt Froz. Yes, this is another yogurt store. Yes, I still don't know why beloved forces herself to eat yogurt. Yes, this still has color motif that's different from the other yogurt places we've tried before (this one's blue). That aside, this is found across McDonalds on the side where we wait for a ride to come home. This happened to be open even though it was pretty late. Peeking through their window, we thought their prices was pretty cheap for yogurt, so we decided to try it out.

We soon found out that their plain yogurt was priced similarly to other frozen yogurt places. What we thought was cheap was their flavored ones, which I would guess are similar to ice cream. Even though the latter was what made us enter, beloved ordered a regular Classic Froyo (80 Php). Yes, Froyo means Frozen Yogurt. They also provide toppings as most frozen yogurt stores do. However, this one forces you to pick three priced at 40 Php. Because beloved needs to have granola, we had to add some. Our other two were butterscotch and coffee jelly, which I though beloved would like.

Teriyaki Boy (Tomas Morato)

Last night, beloved and I ate at Teriyaki Boy. I doubt that most of you don't know or haven't heard of this resto. For those who don't, this is a typical Japanese one which you have probably figured out from its name. However, I'll be upfront with you: I dislike Teriyaki Boy. Not that their food is bad, sometimes it's good, sometimes it's so-so. Their prices aren't that unreachable as well, but it's still one of those higher-priced ones. In fact, because of their prices, I have yet to try their teriyaki because it's one of the more expensive ones in their menu. They do have items within reach, and because it was one of the closest from where we were last night, we decided to eat here.

Since I'm not really a fan of the resto even though I've been to their other branches a lot of times before, I'm not sure if their menu changed if any. I still notice that even though they have it in their name, they still only have a few overpriced teriyaki items in their menu. Beloved ordered for herself their Ebi Tempura Udon (195 Php) with a miso soup base (the other choice is soy base). After a hard time deciding, I just ordered their Curry Tonkatsu (240 Php), because I'm still somewhat craving for curry.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The White Hat (SM North EDSA)

Because we weren't able to eat dessert at Seoul Garden, we went to The White Hat. Well, it was beloved who said that she wanted dessert. For some reason, she insisted on having yogurt even though her last experience in fyi wasn't a good one. Maybe she's still clinging on the hopes that this one will somehow taste like Qoola. Yet, even though I say that almost all yogurt should taste sour, and even though she hates such sourness, she still insists that she wants one. I give in. Because this was the closest one, we went here.

It was pretty much similar to Red Mango and fyi, only this time, it's all white. And, yes, you can actually order a white hat and have them put your yogurt there. Beloved didn't order one, though, and just stuck with the plain regular-sized yogurt priced at 85 Php. They also have a decent selection of toppings ranging from chocolates to fruits to nuts priced depending on amount. It was 20 Php for one, 35 Php for two, and 45 Php for three. Beloved, as usual, put just granola on hers.

Seoul Garden (SM North EDSA)

A couple of days ago, beloved and I ate at Seoul Garden. This was one of the first restaurants to open during the opening of the brand new Annex of SM North EDSA. From it's name, it's safe to assume that it's Korean. What kind exactly, I wasn't too sure since every time we pass by, I see there's only a few people in to pique my interest. However, I notice there were plenty of dividers inside, so I couldn't be too sure. I grow curiouser each time we pass by, especially after our wonderful experience on YakiMIX and realizing that Seoul Garden was a do-it-yourself-barbecue-and-hotpot-buffet. The day before yesterday was our chance to try it out.

As I've said, this was a Korean buffet. They specialize in hot pot and barbecued items, although they also serve some bibimbap and other cooked Korean staples. Perhaps what was keeping me from being too enthusiastic (although still curious) on trying this place out was the fact that it eludes Korean just from its name alone. And, quite frankly, I'm not really fond of Korean, especially its spicy side. Anyway, this was an opportunity, so I said why not. They charge 585 Php for adults on weekends on lunch, which was the day and time we happen to eat there. We went in and they showed us our table. Each table had its own stove where you cook your food. They also asked us what soup base we would like for our hotpot. The choices were chicken soup, kimchi, spicy somethings, and Chinese herb. Because all the others sounded spicy, we picked the Chinese herb one. While waiting for our soup, we went to the buffet table to get our raw stuff.

My first impression on their available meat was disappointing. As I expected, everything was marinated in something spicy. They had kimchi beef, peppered chicken, spicy curried fish, spicy pork, et cetera. Luckily, they had pork belly, or, in my favorite words, plain bacon. They also had crab and shrimp balls, shrimp, and fish sticks for the hotpot. There's a lot of choices of vegetables as well. Since this was a hot pot, we got a very varied plate filled with meat, seafood, and balls, without any space for veggies, before going back to the table.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Bigoli (Trinoma)

Yesterday, beloved and I ate at Bigoli while doing my errands. It certainly wasn't the first time we went here. In fact, this is one of the most frequent places we eat at in Trinoma. Not that I fancy Italian food that much, which is what Bigoli specializes in. And even for an Italian place, it's not among my favorites. However, for the fact that they offer unlimited bread sticks and bottomless drinks for a very affordable price just makes it somewhat impossible to just shun this one away. Beloved also likes this place due to the fact that they serve cream dory.

Obviously beloved ordered Cream Dory with Italian Rice (130 Php). As for me, I wasn't really feeling for pasta, and I usually order their pesto just for their bread sticks. This time, I ordered their Bacon Stromboli (120 Php) because it's been a while since I had bacon and I was feeling bacon deprived. I also ordered a slice of their Shrimp Bianca Pizza (85 Php), which I always get after discovering it with whatever others I order. Of course, we also ordered their Bottomless Drinks (55 Php). No sharing!

fyi (Il Terrazzo, Tomas Morato)

After dinner, we had dessert at fyi. Yes, it's written in lowercase. It's a yogurt stall near Omakase. For long-term visitors of this blog, you'll know that beloved hates real yogurt. However, if you've read our experience at Qoola, you'll know that beloved loved the yogurt she had there. Perhaps because of this last experience, she actually wanted to try it out. Or maybe because I won't allow her to eat ice cream.

The place was pretty much similar to Red Mango, only orange. They have small and large cups and a decent selection of toppings. Beloved wanted to order a large cup for herself. After raising my eyebrows, she conceded to just the small cup (85 Php). She did, however, add granola toppings to her cup (15 Php) for a grand total of 100 Php.

Omakase - Revisited III (Il Terrazzo, Tomas Morato)

Last night, beloved and I ate at Omakase. It's been a while since we last ate here, and since it was a somewhat special day, we decided to celebrate by going there again. Also, we chose to go here instead of YakiMIX since beloved wasn't hungry enough for buffet. Because it was a Saturday, we expected there to be a queue, and, as expected, there was. It wasn't a long wait compared to the one we had to endure at YakiMIX, and since we are sure of the quality of the food, it didn't really bother us. We were sure to order some kind of maki here, as we have concluded in our two visits that this is indeed their specialty.

There's not much change in their place nor in their menu. Maybe their prices got a bit steeper, but I didn't notice. We wanted to try out something new, so we ordered their TOP Platter (645 Php). As per their maki platters, it consists of three different maki—Tiger Eye, Omakase, and Philadelphia—which, I'll expound on later. We also ordered cold noodles for ourselves, because it's also been a while since we last ate some. Beloved ordered the same one she had the last time, which was Hiyashi Udon (180 Php), and I ordered Cha Soba (180 Php). They had new flavors for their bottomless iced tea, and beloved got their Panama Orange one. I sticked to their classic lemon iced tea. Both drinks were priced at 60 Php.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Parvati (Trinoma)

Today, me and Inggo went to SM North and Trinoma for his errands. I've been wanting to go to this new dessert shop ever since I saw it but never had the chance and the reason to do so. (Plus he won't allow me to eat desserts.) We finally went here today because we were in need of change to go home.

Anyway, there are a lot of yummy desserts to choose from: cookies, food for the gods, pastillas, cakes, etc. I picked the Triple Decker Chocolate Cheesecake for take-out. It's a 4"x4" pretty box for 130pesos.