Saturday, January 23, 2010

Rai-Rai Ken (SM Megamall)

Rai-Rai Ken is a ramen restaurant and sushi bar. The first Rai-Rai Ken I ate in was in Robinsons Galleria, and it was a pleasant experience. I forget what exactly I ordered but I do remembered it was filling and delicious. Me and beloved went there today for lunch.

I found the prices to have steepened by quite a bit. It's a bit understandable with the current situation of our economy, though. Anyway, I had a coin toss between Sharksfin Ramen (210 Php) and Beef Sukiyaki Ramen (205 Php), and the beef won. I was also craving for raw fish, so I ordered Salmon Sashimi (260 Php). Beloved ordered Seafood Hot Pot Ramen (150 Php), and we both ordered Red and Green Iced Tea (both at 50 Php, non-refillable) respectively.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Sizzling Pepper Steak (Trinoma)

Yesterday, me and beloved went out and ate at Sizzling Pepper Steak at Trinoma. We've been here a couple of times, and both of those experiences were not bad, so we went there again. They obviously specialize in peppered steaks, but there are also some other items such as fried favorites and pastas in their menu. There has been some drastic changes since the last time we went, but the menu was pretty much the same, with some new stuff in them.

One of the major changes was the way people ordered. It was now a bit of a self-service method, each table is provided with a paper with their menu items in it, and customers are to put the quantities of their orders on the respective boxes. After they completely fill up their forms, they will then flip a cow sign thingy on their tables from stop: Moo-oove!

Then, a waiter or waitress would come and take your order. You use the same cow sign thingy whenever you need anything from them. Apart from this change in the way you order, there's the tubes all over the store where they have three models dancing in school girl outfits explaining how to eat. Although I'm no school girl, I'll avoid further digressing off topic and go on with the nomnoms, explaining the said method on the way without the matching dance-steps, I'm afraid.

I ordered Beef Pepper Rice (195 Php) for myself, with a couple of extra bacon (25 Php each) because bacon is delicious. Beloved ordered Fish and Chips (210 Php) for herself, and extra Pepper Rice (40 Php). We both ordered bottomless iced tea (55 Php each) for our drinks.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Tokyo Cafe (SM North EDSA)

Last night, me and beloved went to Tokyo Cafe. We have always wanted to go here ever since its incarnation when The Block opened. But when we see the price tag on their posters outside, we get turned off and eat elsewhere. However, the posters look extremely appetizing, and finally, we got our chance to taste them.

The first problem I had with the cafe are their choices. Aside from their pastas, since I'm not much of a pasta eater, I practically want to try out every item on their menu. Even their pastas look appetizing. I was torn between ordering a pizza or their burger, but I finally decided to order their Hamburg and Shrimp plate (268 Php). Beloved also had a hard time choosing, and she settled for their Fish Burger (180 Php). We decide to share our orders, since we want to try them out. Our drinks were an iced coffee called Tokyo Ice (84 Php) for beloved and Vanilla Milk (125 Php) which is basically vanilla milkshake for me. We also ordered their Azuki Parfait (118 Php) to follow.