Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Kanzhu Hand-Pulled Noodles (Timog)

Beloved and I had a late dinner at Kanzhu Hand-Pulled Noodles. Beloved inadvertently became a regular to this place since her office usually orders lunch here. It also wasn't my first time trying out this place as she brought me a couple of dishes to-go before. I thought it wasn't fair to write about a take-home meal, as it might affect quality, but I thought it was pretty good and plentiful for a packaged meal.

Obviously, their menu consists mainly of hand-pulled noodle dishes. Beloved also recommended their beef. So we got two different variations of both: Sliced Beef Dry Noodles (150 Php) for me and Braised Beef Noodles (150 Php) for Beloved. We also ordered their Shrimp Hakaw (120 Php) and their Black Fungus with Jellyfish (160 Php). As with most hand-pulled noodle restaurants we've been to, their kitchen features a glass window where you can see your noodles being freshly prepared from scratch.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Gumbo (SM Mall of Asia)

Beloved and I had lunch at Gumbo. Yes, we've been to this place before, although not the same branch, so I guess this month is turning into a "revisited" edition of Inggo Noms.... Of course, as with our last two revisits, we ordered something different in this Southern USA-specialty place. And, as I've mentioned in my last review from the previous place, I was looking forward to trying out their Seafood Boil.

However, since Beloved was very hungry, and the Seafood Boil takes almost an hour to prepare, we decided to forgo the boiled feast for their grilled Seafood Feast (1225 Php). We were aware that this order would probably serve four, but, again, Beloved was hungry, both of us love seafood, and it was our first meal of the day. There is a bit of difference, aside from the style of cooking, in the contents: the boil has crabs while our order has dory and squid. The Feast also comes with two side dishes of our choice, and we picked their Cajun Rice and Mashed Potatoes. And finally, again, because Beloved was hungry, we also ordered their Mushroom Aoili (275 Php).

Monday, September 19, 2011

Chophouse (Trinoma)

A week ago, Beloved and I ate at Chophouse. This grilled steak-specialty restaurant that features a cow statue with a halo and angel wings has been a mainstay in Trinoma's 4th floor alfresco area. Well, the cow statue is a mainstay—this place was formerly called "Holy Cow", quite appropriate for the mascot. At first we thought that this was just a simple name change, but Holy Cow opened doors on SM North EDSA's new Annex, and now we're not sure anymore. Me and my friends joked that perhaps Holy Cow was co-shared by two friends that drifted apart, settling for an agreement that one keeps the name while the other keeps the cow statue.

Anyway me in particular wanted to try this place out for one thing. They offer an eat-all-you-can table-side yakiniku for 300 Php. So I got just that, which I will informally call All-You-Can-Eat Beef Yakiniku. Beloved got their Putanesca Pasta (250 Php) and I also ordered their Classic Caesar Salad (280 Php) because eating just beef sounds tiring on the palate.

After ordering, we were asked to go their outdoor tables because their table-side grill wasn't smokeless, and was instructed that I wasn't allowed to share. I was, however, allowed to have leftovers, which was a good thing.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Tempura Japanese Grill - Revisited (Trinoma)

A few days ago, me and my friends ate at Tempura Japanese Grill. This would be my third time reviewing this place on this blog, if I'm not mistaken, and I still won't be reviewing the "grill" portion of this place, sadly. However, I'm still pretty stoked at what I will be reviewing for this entry. I guess this week sort of becomes a revisiting week of my favorite Japanese restaurants, hoping they still deserve the praise I gave them before.

So, what is it that makes me excited about this entry? Well, after the many times I've visited this place, I'm finally able to try out their often unavailable dish that I've been dying to try out. Yes, I'm finally able to order their Ebi Bacon Maki (250 Php). That alone, I believe, deserves an entry in itself. But since it was my first meal for that day, I also ordered their Ebi Hamburg Katsudon (235 Php), for a double dose of shrimp.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Omakase - Revisited IV (Tomas Morato)

A few nights ago, Beloved and I had dinner at Omakase. Yes, again. Although this is our favorite maki/sushi roll-specializing restaurant, our more recent and frequent visits to Bubble Tea, mainly because Omakase is only open at specific times, have been proving to become quite the rival of this resto's specialty. We were hopeful that this fourth review will still be on par with its previous ones.

We were pleased that their prices didn't have a considerable increase since our last visit. All their menu items were still within reasonable prices. There were also a few new items in their menu that I wished to try, especially after seeing the picture. We ordered one of their new rolls, the Spider Maki (220 Php). We also got our favorite roll, their Rising Sun (205 Php), which is victim to a reasonable 5 Php price increase. Also, because we were hungry, we ordered two hefty dishes—Tendon (220 Php) for me and Hiyashi Udon (180 Php) for Beloved. Finally, we got their Tempura Ice Cream (90 Php) for dessert, which received a big smile from Beloved when I ordered it.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Go Greek! (Glorietta 4 Food Choices)

A couple of days ago, me, Beloved, and Hannah had dinner at Glorietta's Food Choices. The particular stall we ordered at was the Go Greek! one at the relatively newly-opened corner. It's been a while since we actually had a reason to go to Glorietta, and the last time I ate at Food Choices, this place was still under renovation.

The look, feel, and menu of Go Greek! reminded me of a Greek-specialty version of now closed down Koryo. Their platters provide a main viand with the meat of your choice plus salad and your choice of rice or potatoes. The prices are similar to the compared resto, and the serving sizes, which we got a sneak peek at since it was a food court, were similar as well. Anyway, since I've already gotten a fresher course on Greek food, I went with my favorite one—their Gyro Platter (235 Php), choosing mixed meat over simply lamb or chicken. Beloved and Hannah both ordered their Kebab Platter (205 Php), with Beloved choosing seafood and Hannah choosing lamb. Finally, because it was very tempting for me, I also ordered their Greek Fries (75 Php).