Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Crustasia (Trinoma)

A few days ago, me and beloved ate at Crustasia Trinoma. I've never eaten here before, nor have I heard any feedback from anyone. However, the big banner at the center of the mall was quite tempting not to try it out. I was actually supposed to write this review earlier. For the reason why I wasn't able to, read on.

We tried out their buffet (395 per head). Even though there were only a few viands awaiting consumption, I saw crab in it. I love crab, even though I'm slightly allergic to it. So we went for it. We also ordered bottomless iced tea (49 each) to push the food down.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Uncle Cheffy (Eastwood)

Today, me and my mother and brother went to Eastwood mall. Having pretty much no choice since all other places had long waiting lists or aren't really appetizing, we chose to go to Uncle Cheffy. It's supposed to be a brick-oven restaurant featuring panizzas and barbecued stuff. I have never heard of this restaurant before, and never heard of any recommendations from other people mentioning this. It's also my first time having panizza, so it's pretty much a blind-tongued experience.

We ordered a couple of items from their menu that features their tagline—Memphis Barbecue US Beef Rib Fingers (595 Php) and Seafood Panizza (425 Php). We also ordered a couple of bottomless Iced Tea (70 Php). The beverages came first, and I must say, it's not your normal instant iced tea—I could actually taste some of the soothing bitter tea in the refreshing beverage.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tempura Japanese Grill (Trinoma)

The other day, beloved and I ate at Tempura Japanese Grill. The first time I tried this resto out was the one in Tomas Morato. Then, the one on Trinoma during its opening, which is what my review is about.

Obviously, they specialize in Japanese food. What's special is that each table has their own grill so that customers would be able to grill their orders themselves. However, we have never tried the grilling part. While their grill is not part of this review, their tempura is. The first time I ate here, I fell in love with their tempura. Although a bit pricey, at around 45-60 Php each, depending on how many you order, they have certainly filled my tempura cravings. Suits their restaurant's name well, I must say. Ah, but I digress, on with the nomnoms.

We ordered noodle soup for both of us. Mine was Tempura Ramen and beloved's was Tempura Udon, both at 190 Php. For those who don't know, they're basically the same soup, but ramen noodles are thinner and udon is much thicker.