Saturday, April 24, 2010

Kangaroo Jack (SM North EDSA)

Kangaroo Jack opened a couple of months ago as the Sky Garden opened, even though it was located at the main mall. Although they didn't serve kangaroo, their menu is filled with grilled meatstuffs served with rice. Every time we pass by, I saw appetizing pictures of steaks and sausages that I promised myself to try it out at least once. Every time we went to SM North EDSA, though, we end up eating someplace else.

Today, beloved and I went here after canvassing the new food places at the newly-reopened Carpark. We were pretty hungry and decided to eat here since it was the closest from where we crossed. Beloved saw that they served Cream Dory (120 Php) and went for that. After a quick scour at their menu, I decided to go for their Rib-eye Steak (175 Php) cooked medium rare. We also ordered a couple of bottomless iced teas (65 Php each).

Serenitea (Banawe)

A couple of days ago, beloved and I went to Serenitea. Beloved has been wanting to go here ever since she heard of it since she learned from a friend that they serve milk tea and she being an aficionado of the said drink. The store was located at one of the junction roads from the McDonald's side of Banawe Street. Anyway, the opportunity to pass by here came a couple of days ago. It was a hidden store amongst car maintenance services, but the green sign somewhat makes it stand out from the crowd.

Inside was a pleasant atmosphere (free Wifi, yay!) and half a wall filled with different choices of tea. They had the usual green, black, but most of their menu were uncommon stuff such as uncommon fruits, unknown Japanese additives, Chinese ingredients, and Yakult, mixed with these usuals. Being a big fan of Yakult, I decided to order their Yakult Green Tea (90 Php) out of curiosity. Their drinks came with a free topping of your choice: pearls and lime jelly among others; I added lime jelly to mine. In addition, you get to choose the amount of sugar mixed with your tea: from 100%, apparently the sweetest, to 0%, obviously the healthiest. I went 50%. Beloved, aside from being a huge tea fan, is also a huge wintermelon fan that she was hugely disappointed when Bubble Tea took it out of their menu. There were three choices for her wintermelon craving, and she decided to go for their Wintermelon Sweet (70 Php), my guess would probably be a 100% sugarized black tea mixed with wintermelon. They didn't have much choices from their foodstuffs, so we just went for a couple of orders of their Fish and Fries (95 Php) because we were hungry.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Kozui Green Tea (Tomas Morato)

For lunch today, beloved and I went to Kozui Green Tea. We planned to go to the newly-opened Bubble Tea at Tomas Morato, but we soon found out that they were still on a dry run. Since we didn't want to risk anything, in particular not being able to get the 1Php-for-every-50Php-rebate we invested on, we decided to walk towards Omakase and go to a place we somehow fancy on the way. Kozui happened to be one of those places, featuring healthy green tea infused drinks and foodstuffs.

We had no idea what to order except for beloved's main course which she saw on their banners outside that featured Hiyashi Chuka (158 Php), which is basically similar to the cold udon noodles she orders most of the time except the noodles are made of thinner wheat ones, like a ramen. I saw cold soba in their menu, which they labeled Green Tea Cold Soba (158 Php), and I went for that. For our drinks we went for the cashier's recommendations—Genmaicha Lemon Green Teaz (90 Php) for me and Pom Tea (100 Php) for beloved, both Grande-sized.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Roti Mum (SM Megamall)

Before passing by Komoro Soba, we saw this somewhat new stall at the corner of where Komoro Soba is located. It's called Roti Mum. Beloved and I love Kopiroti's kopi buns (coffee-flavored buns) so we decided to grab some as well.

Beloved got for herself the Choco Bun and I got their Kopi Bun, both priced at 55Php. It was a take-out store, so there's no tables whatsoever, but you can see their buns being prepared, raised, and baked from their counter.

Komoro Soba (SM Megamall)

Yesterday, beloved and I went to Komoro Soba. This was actually the second time we went here, but the first time, we only got to try their ice cream. We accompanied our friends who actually dined there. Their orders looked good and seemed like a great bargain, so we decided the next time we go to Megamall, we would eat here. That next time happened to be yesterday.

Komoro Soba specializes in their soba, or buckwheat noodles, but they also serve udon, or thick noodles, among their common Japanese foodstuff. Since I like thin noodles better (if you've been following my nomnom adventures, you probably know by now), so I ordered their Ebi Soba set (158 Php). Their set meals come with a small serving of katsudon, and their noodles come in your choice of cold or hot. I had mine cold. Beloved also ordered cold noodles, but hers was Ebi Udon (104 Php) without the katsudon. She also ordered Miso Soup (25 Php) for herself. Our drinks were plain bottled water.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bubble Tea (SM North EDSA)

Yesterday, beloved and I went to Bubble Tea at SM North EDSA. We are a somewhat frequent customer since we find their food to be a great value for their quantity and quality—heck, we even availed of their LoyalTea card which gives a 1 Php rebate for every 50 Php purchase.

Although Bubble Tea specializes in their iced milk tea with tapioca pearls, we go here for their non-beverage menu. Our favorites happen to be their ramen, udon, and sushi/sashimi, so we ordered them. We ordered Special Beef Ramen (155 Php) for myself, Seafood Miso Udon (170 Php) for beloved, and their Mixed Sushi (140 Php) for us to share. For our drinks, we ordered Japanese Green Milk Tea (85 Php) for me and Royal Milk Tea (80 Php) for beloved. At more or less 300 Php each, you must wonder why I find this store great value, but trust me for now.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Peanut Butter Company (SM North EDSA)

Yesterday, beloved and I went to Peanut Butter Company. From the name, you can assume that it specializes in peanut butter. Basically all their menu, save a couple, has peanut butter in it. This includes their sandwiches, pastas, and burgers. Sounds gross? I made an appalled face when I first saw it. Beloved tried it once before and loved it. Since she wanted me to try out their burger, I gave in.

As I've mentioned, I did see a couple of items in their menu without peanut butter in it. The first one is their coffee, which apparently has free refills, and their Box of Chips (65 Php). I ordered that one since I just had lunch somewhere else. Beloved ordered their Peanut Butter Burger (185 Php). It boasted that it had sesame peanut butter in it. I also ordered a Wasabi Mayo Dip (35 Php) for my chips since I just know I wouldn't like peanut butter with my potatoes.