Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kenny Rogers Roasters (SM North EDSA)

Beloved and I had early dinner at Kenny Rogers a couple of days ago at SM North EDSA. You know, I'm pretty torn about writing this one. For one, Kenny Rogers is borderline fast food, and I don't really review fast food places simply because I wouldn't want to bore people writing countless entries about McDonald's. Unless it's an obscure place nobody knows about and I feel that everyone should, I draw the line there. Second, and more importantly, I believe everyone knows this place and I bet everyone has tried it at least once. I usually write about the more unknown places I don't see advertised on the tubes or paper. It was beloved that swayed me into writing this, as our particular stay here was a somewhat interesting one and that the number of times she'd been here is less than half the number of fingers on one of her hands—and both her hands have a full set of five. So with that, I shall continue.

Kenny Rogers specialize in, obviously, roasted stuff. Once, they were known only for their roast chicken and baby back ribs, but through the years they've started diversifying their menu. They boast that their food is healthier than usual since they're all roasted or grilled. What made our particular stay here interesting was our choices. Beloved ordered for herself their Low Calorie Meal (185 Php) and I got their High Fiber Meal (185 Php). We also grabbed a half-dozen box of their Corn Muffins (70 Php).

A short wait produced me with my order—the High Fiber Meal. The plate consists of a salad, a grilled corn on the cob, a quarter chicken, and honey-mustard sauce. It also comes with a glass of iced tea. I did find the salad quite delicious; having apples, pineapples, tomatoes, carrot, and greens making for a diverse taste. The corn on the cob was pretty good too, especially the charred ones with the smoky flavor. The chicken, well, the skin was deliciously charred. The insides were a bit on the dry and bland since they were grilled. But, hey, at least there's the mustard and gravy to make it tasty.

Beloved's Low Calorie Meal had a generous serving of grilled fish with a small portion of steamed vegetables and a cup of rice. Similar to mine, the vegetables—broccoli, carrots, and baby corn—were the delicious side of the plate. The fish, like my chicken, was pretty dry, although it did taste like fish. The sauce provided was a soy one which is pretty much required for a satisfied palate. The rice was... you know what? If you're gonna eat healthy, you should pretty much skip the rice.

While I find the rest of their menu a bit overpriced considering I can get two to three pieces of KFC's chicken for the price I paid for, supporting my hypothesis that healthy eating comes at a higher cost, I find their Corn Muffins the bang for the buck. These delicious cup cakes haven't changed through the years, maintaining their delicious crunchy exterior and soft and moist interior all with the wonderful corn flavor no matter which branch I try. I seriously doubt you haven't tried this yet, but in case I'm wrong, you really should.

Kenny Rogers Roasters is all about healthier eating. Yes, I do agree that their food is good in both taste and healthiness. However, if you'll compare to other places, it comes with a pricier tag. As I've said in some of my previous entries: if it costs more money and less taste to be healthy, I'd rather have the yummier and cheaper food. Despite that, Kenny Rogers still has a place for my tummy just because their corn muffins are delicious. I will consider it a sin to go here without having their muffin. Also, I guess it's okay to splurge here every once in a while considering it's still pretty affordable despite being comparatively more expensive than your usual fast food place. Well, what else can I say? Kenny Rogers Roasters needs no further free advertising from me on top of what they already have. I'll just end with a question: Did I mention to try their muffins?

Worth a try

SM North EDSA, 2nd floor.
150-250 Php
Recommended for:
Fitness peeps.
Not recommended for:
Starving peeps.
Smart nomnomnom tip:
The muffins are a bit cheaper if you buy it by the half-dozen.